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McDonalds Sign

Like many McDonald’s the one by my work just remodeled the whole restaurant. They updated the decor to a more modern look, they added flat screen TVs and a fake fireplace. The new McDonald’s down play the kiddie aspect and try to look more like a coffee shop. All of that is fine but then I saw this sign “Gentlemen- Please, No Sagging Pants.”


This is McDonald’s! We don’t go there for the ambiance! We don’t go for quality food! We go for convenient inexpensive food, kid’s meals with toys and the playscape.

Yet after slapping a few TVs on the wall and redecorating McDonald’s has decided it needs a dress code. It is like they think they are upscale.

Are you serious?

McDonald’s you are not all that, yeah your new look is nice. But McDonald’s was built on feeding the middle and lower class of society. Now you think you are too good for people who don’t dress up to your standard.

I guess next time I am working all day in the yard I will remember not to go to McDonald’s. I would hate to offend their sophisticated sensitivities with my disheveled appearance. Instead I will get food from a fast food place that isn’t pretending to be an upscale establishment.