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There is a great variety of intelligent and insightful individuals on WordPress. I have really enjoyed sharing ideas with such a wide range of individuals with different perspectives and experiences.

So I have a proposition for y’all, I call it the Political Round Table. I propose that as a group we pick a topic to explore together. Then we set a date to publish a post on that topic. Each and every person who wishes to participate writes up their own thoughts on the topic we have chosen then posts it the date we have chosen. Each of us would then reblog the posts of all the other participants so that each of our blogs has all the different perspectives on the chosen topic. After posting our own thoughts and reblogging the other responses we would then compose replies to each of the other participants.

The idea is that we can all see the variety of different answers and ideas on a single topic. Also that we can kick start a discussion of those ideas and the topic as a whole. Furthermore we all will reach a broader audience by reblogging everybody’s posts so that all of our followers will see the whole conversation we are having.

I am flexible on the topic we would like to discuss. I think welfare, the criminal justice system or disability might make good topics of discussion. Also I am open to any type of post on the subjects, you can focus on problems or solutions. You can make something that is educational about the topic or something innovative. I am also flexible on the timeline, I think at least one week should be given to compose the post but we could do two weeks if people want more time to research and write.

If you are interested post a comment and please mention what topic(s) you think would be good to discuss. If you don’t have a WordPress blog but would like to participate then I can post your piece on my blog and attribute it to you.