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Recently some politicians have been rescinding their anti-gay marriage stance. When hear this I have two instant reactions. First I am elated that somebody especially a politician has changed their mind about opposing gay marriage. I am happy for the social movement forward.

But at the same time I am disgusted by these people. That is because they cite some type of personal relationship to the LGBT community as the reason for changing their mind. Yet I can’t help but think “What!?! They weren’t worthy of equal treatment UNTIL that effected somebody you personally know!” To me it is like they didn’t view the LGBT community as people before and now that they know somebody from the community they changed their minds. It just blows me away because politicians make laws for the ENTIRE country but didn’t consider how those laws effected regular people until it was somebody they cared about. WTF!?! They should be considering the impact of ALL laws on ALL people before passing them.