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Do you love your blog? Do you think that your posts are better than many others out there? I know I do and I bet many of you think the same about your own blog. But is that because your blog is really that much better? OR is it because of all the effort you put into it?

A recent study may suggest that you may overvalue that which you have invested your own labor into. This is called the Ikea effect which is “the increased valuation that people have for self-assembled products compared to objectively similar products which they did not assemble.”

In the studies the researchers had participants build Ikea boxes, sets of Legos or folded origami. Then the participants evaluated the value of those objects which was compared to the control group who did not build anything yet evaluated the value of the same objects. The results were clear that those who built the object valued that object to a far greater degree than others valued the objects.

Now the study applied to physical objects not less tangible objects like blogs or ideas. But if the investment of effort increase the valuation of the product then it is reasonable to assume that applies to ideas as well which may have some implications for bloggers. For one if we invest a lot of effort into developing and posting our own ideas we may come to overvalue those ideas. That could bias us when comparing our ideas to alternates on the same subject. Also it could close us off to criticisms or flaws in our own ideas despite the conscious desire to discuss and improve upon the ideas we present. It would be quite the ironic twist if our attempts to put forth our own ideas actually results in closing us off from legitimate criticisms or improvement to those ideas.

So do you love your blog because it really truly is good? Or do you love it because you invested the effort to create it?