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How many times have you held your nose when voting? How often have you voted for one candidate so the other wouldn’t win? I didn’t vote for Kerry; I voted against GW. I didn’t vote for Obama; I voted against Palin. This last time I couldn’t even bring myself to vote for either Obama or Romney, I ended up voting Gary Johnson. I am sick of “pick your poison” type elections.

I think we should be allowed to vote against candidates as well as for candidates. Everybody still only has one vote to place in any given election. The difference is that you can place it for or against a candidate. Votes for count as a positive one while votes against count as a negative one. Functionally this would be no different in terms of outcome than the current method. But it would be more honest. Then at least then we could see after an election how many people actually supported a candidate and how many simply didn’t want the other candidate to win. We could tell if a candidate is actually liked or not. Maybe just maybe it would shut some politicians about having a “mandate from the people”.