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House Republican leaders Friday proposed extending the federal debt limit by three months, marking a significant shift in GOP strategy that could reduce the market-rattling risk of the U.S. running out of cash to pay its bills.

The GOP proposal, which is expected to go before the House next week, includes a requirement that the House and Senate pass formal budgets by mid-April, but it does not include specific spending cuts. That marks a retreat from Republicans’ long-standing insistence that any debt-level increase be accompanied by comparable spending cuts….

The bill would require the House and Senate to pass a budget blueprint for the next fiscal year—or else members of Congress wouldn’t be paid.

“Members of Congress will not be paid by the American people for failing to do their job,” said Mr. Cantor. “No budget, no pay.”

The Wall Street Journal

Now this is one of the few things done by Congress which I might be able to agree with. I don’t like the idea of kicking the debt ceiling can down the road yet again. If that were all they were proposing I would be completely against another extension. But I have to say I like the idea that if Congress doesn’t do its job then they shouldn’t get paid. Why are we paying these clowns around $200k/yr to fight, bicker and screw over the country?