Ideological divides are preventing Congress from acting, polarizing the parties and splitting the nation apart. Since Congress is too busy arguing over ideology, they are unable to focus on the problems we face as a nation, causing the constituency to pay the price of inaction. This has reached the point that party affiliation is more important than the merits of any potential solution. This leads congressional members to outright reject any proposal made by the other party and solely embrace their own party’s ideas.

This ideological battle must stop. It only serves to create a gridlock in Congress while dividing the country into red and blue. Instead, we must unite in order to solve the problems which have the potential to destroy this great nation. We need to focus on practical solutions rather than ideological divides. For these reasons I propose the creation of a third political party, the Pragmatist Party.

The party’s platform will focus on the challenges our country faces and practical solutions to them. It will not take an ideological position. It’s members are free to hold any ideology they believe. This will prevent dissent over concerns that are inconsequential and irrelevant to the governance of the nation and allow us to unite to fix this country we all love so dearly. Our differences have always made the USA strong by bringing forth a variety of perspectives and novel approaches. Let us use that strength for the betterment of all. For this reason the Pragmatist Party welcomes people of all stripes who wish to engage the challenges of the 21st century. This approach to politics will bring forth many benefits. First it will allow liberals, conservatives and independents to engage the issues at hand. Second it will promote cooperation in politics. Finally it will serve to depolarize both Democrats and Republicans.

Since the Pragmatist Party holds no ideological positions conservatives, liberals and independents are all welcome to join. Rather than being bound by party ideology, party members are free to focus on the merits and flaws of potential solutions. This allows open debate of issues, proposals, and the efficacy of those proposals. Through open debate of all ideas it more likely that we will find practical means of engaging that which we seek to ameliorate.

Next the Pragmatist Party can help to bring about political cooperation. By bringing together independents, liberals and conservatives to honestly engage the issue at hand, we are more apt to create balanced approaches which appeal to a broader spectrum of the populace. This places cooperation at the center of the Pragmatist Party instead if compliance to the party line. Dissent and disagreement are freely accepted as a necessary predicate to cooperative exploration of ideas. This grants the freedom of polite disagreement while keeping in mind that finding an effective  solution is more important than being right.  Which in turn minimizes the divide between each of us and accentuates our unity.

Furthermore having a party composed of conservatives, liberals and independents can promote cooperation between Democrats and Republicans. It would provide a neutral ground for new ideas. The ideas brought forth from the Pragmatist Party would be neither Democrat or Republican. Thus neither Republicans nor Democrats will feel compelled to dismiss them outright due to being affiliated with the opposition. Additionally, the Pragmatist Party can serve to broker compromises between Democrats and Republicans since it already unites elements from both parties. Both parties can be confident that they will have a fair opportunity to air their thoughts and concerns. These elements serve to encourage political cooperation rather than political divisiveness.

Finally the Pragmatist Party will help to depolarize Democrats and Republicans. By fostering open engagement of issues and cooperation between disparate elements, people can begin to see what unities us rather than what divides us. Through mutually beneficial positive interaction we can come to see that politics are not a zero-sum game. Good legislation can benefit all parties and the country as a whole. Whereas congressional gridlock can harm us all. Politics are not a matter of one side winning at the expense of the other side loosing. We can all win or we can all loose, the choice is ours.